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Other Visa Documents

The complex migration process of Australia and Canada requires applicants to prepare many documents which are critical and play major role in the outcome of their Visa application. Here is a list of few documents required for various Australian and Canadian Visa Applications:

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE (SOP) for Student Visa (Australia)- The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a personal statement required by the universities to get a clear perspective of individuals who are willing to pursue higher education in Australia or any other country. It includes the candidate’s personal interests, goals, academic progress and motivations for the chosen career path.

With many applicants boasting impressive resumes, high GPAs and test scores, it becomes difficult for Universities to decide which candidates to accept and which should be rejected. Thus, it becomes imperative to avail professional help to write a winning SOP to get admission in your dream University.


Experience Letters: Employment reference letters are a critical requirement for the General Skilled Migrant process to Australia. This document must be provided as part of the qualification assessment procedure outlined by the relevant assessment bodies (Engineers Australia, ACS, VETASSESS etc.). Detailed information must be included in this letter in the format that has been prescribed by the Australian Immigration Authority in order to avert any rejections at the time of assessment.



Settlement Statement- The applicants must show that they have a realistic understanding of the settlement costs involved upon arrival in any Australian region and while they seek employment. They must show evidence of research into the cost of living in chosen Australian region (rent, food, transport, entertainment etc), and include the following information:

? Estimated cost of relocation to the chosen Australian region (flights, freight, initial accommodation etc);

? Details on how you researched the cost of living in that Australian region;

? Estimated cost of living in that region.

? Breakdown of monthly living expenses.


Commitment Statement- Commitment Statements are used to express your view on how serious you and your family is about migrating to that particular state/Australian region.

Relationship Statement for Partner Visa- The Australia Partner visa application is an extremely informational and extensive process. One of the most important evidence that you need to submit with your Partner visa application is your Statement of Relationship, or commonly known as the Relationship Statement, or what some people call it – the “relationship support letter”.

It is important to note that every relationship is unique, so each relationship statement will be different depending on the length and nature of the relationship.